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Clooney: arrest was to force action on Sudan crisis

Clooney: arrest was to force action on Sudan crisis
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George Clooney says getting arrested was one way of drawing attention to a humanitarian crisis in the border region between Sudan and South Sudan.

The Hollywood actor, his father and other activists ignored warnings to leave the Sudan embassy grounds in Washington.

Released after paying a 100 dollar fine, Clooney called for immediate action.

“We’re trying to bring attention to an ongoing emergency, one that’s got about a six-week timetable before the rainy season starts and a lot of people are going to die from it. So our job right now is trying to bring attention to it – one of those ways was apparently getting arrested. I guess we’re not allowed to hang out at the Sudanese embassy,” he said.

Clooney has visited the border region several times, where Sudanese troops are fighting rebels allied to the newly independent South Sudan. On his last visit, his group reportedly witnessed a rocket attack.

The actor has called on the Khartoum government to stop killing its own people and to allow in humanitarian aid.

Activists have compared the crisis to events almost a decade ago in the western region of Darfur, where Sudan violently suppressed a rebellion in a conflict that killed hundreds of thousands.