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Apple shares go through the $600 mark

Apple shares go through the $600 mark
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A single Apple share now costs more than its latest iPad. Shares in the electronics giant briefly went over the magic 600 dollar mark on Thursday, making the company worth half a trillion dollars. Apple shares have gained 46% this year alone. Australia was the first place to get the latest model.

“It’s pretty exciting, yeah. The first person in the world. It’s pretty amazing. It’s not everyday you say that,” said the lucky first buyer.

Experts say the iPad3 is not a revolutionary change, but does feature significant upgrades, notably a new razor-sharp screen.

Parisians are busy queueing for the European midnight launch with the customary enthusiasm Apple fans have for Cupertino’s wares, a passion that has led to tablets selling in two years what it took PCs over a decade to do.