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Lost Leonardo discovered in Florence?

Lost Leonardo discovered in Florence?
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Art historians are excited by the apparent discovery of a fresco by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci behind a wall in the city hall in Florence.

The work is under a later painting by Giorgio Vasari. Some believe Vasari wanted to preserve the Da Vinci piece so he built a new wall to accommodate his later mural and left a cryptic message in the painting, “seek and you shall find.”

Terry Garcia, the vice-president of National Geographic, said: “All the work, all of the holes that were put into the Vasari mural were in areas that had previously been restored or in fissures. So the original Vasari was untouched.”

The technique to uncover the work used medical-style endoscopes to expose the painting.

The art world is divided on the authenticity of the finding and many believe more research is required.