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Syria violence moves to Idlib as Annan seeks peace

Syria violence moves to Idlib as Annan seeks peace
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Activists claim the Syrian government is continuing its offensive in Homs, despite success in crushing the rebel resistance. Amateur footage posted on a social networking site purports to show ongoing shelling in the besieged city.

Meanwhile, the army has shifted its attention to the other rebel stronghold of Idlib. An official from the Turkish government stated almost 200 Syrians have crossed into Turkey, fleeing the violence in Idlib.

This continuing bloodshed is casting a shadow over UN efforts to resolve the situation. In his role as a UN peace envoy, Kofi Annan is meeting with President Bashar al-Assad for the second time, after the president refused to negotiate with the opposition on Saturday.

Assad also said a political solution was impossible as long as ‘terrorist groups’ threaten the country.

Hoping to engage others in his peace mission, Annan was visited by representatives from Syria’s Muslim and Christian groups in Damascus.

Annan will then travel to Turkey on Monday, possibly visiting the refugee camps on the border with Syria.