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Solar storm to affect communications networks on earth

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Solar storm to affect communications networks on earth
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Scientists are warning about a temporary disruption to essential power and communications networks from a strong geomagnetic storm that is racing toward earth from the Sun.

Power grids, flight routes and space-based GPS systems could be affected by the fallout from a pair of solar flares – that have sent charged particles travelling at 7.2 million kilometres per hour – in our direction.

“Satellites may experience a sort of electrical failure. You could have radio blackout and I believe some areas on the sun lit side have already experienced that. We might begin to see more of that,” said Lika Guhathakurta, NASA sun scientist.

Scientists say this kind of space storm is unusual and is likely to last until Friday morning.

While satellite and radio communications could be disrupted, the risk of interuption to power supplies is thought to be small.

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