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Rival Republicans accentuate the positive

Rival Republicans accentuate the positive
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Both main sides of the divided Republican family are taking positives from the outcome of Super Tuesday. It was far from the knock-out blow Mitt Romney supporters may have been hoping for, but, they believe he is getting his message across.

One Romney voter in Ohio said: “It’s going to be good for him and his campaign. As a woman business owner, I’m very excited about the future of his candidacy, I like the idea that we have a man who has run businesses, run a state, who knows how to run an organisation, that can really lead us into the future and where we need to be.”

Another said: “I think you are seeing him winning the hearts and minds, he is talking about jobs, he is talking about leadership, he is talking about getting the economy back on track, he is talking about energy, these are kitchen table issues and what we are seeing here in Ohio and elsewhere around the country is that people are starting to really focus in on this, they are concluding that Mitt Romney is talking to them.”

Santorum may be trailing in terms of delegate numbers but, the results indicate he is continuing to draw blue collar votes from Romney.

One of his followers said: “He speaks from his heart, he doesn’t have to fake anything and he knows what we need. He comes from this area where we have blue collar workers and businesses as well. But he is more of a real person, I think, than just a politician.”

At the same gathering in Ohio another Santorum fan reflected on the fact that Romney had spent much more than Santorum in his campaign: “That tells you a lot, when you are two million up against 12 million and you can pull this off, it tells you a lot. I think he would be the better candidate against Barack Obama.”