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Brussels issues Budapest with new ultimatum

Brussels issues Budapest with new ultimatum
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Budapest must do more to rectify its constitution before any talks can begin on a possible EU IMF bailout, Brussels has made clear.

The latest warning follows January’s move by the European Commission to launch legal action against Hungary because of conflicts with EU law.

‘‘We’re moving forward and of course are hoping that we’ll be able to resolve these problems with Hungary. We’re continuing to work with the Hungarian government on these issues,’‘ European Commission spokeswoman Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen said.

While Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has backed down somewhat in his bust up with Brussels, the EU has said it wants more proof that he will modify new laws affecting Hungary’s central bank, judiciary and data protection.

The EU Commission has given Orban’s government another month to reply – Hungarian officials welcomed the decision.

In addition to legal action, Brussels appears to be turning the economic screw. It has held off restarting talks with Hungary over an EU IMF financial rescue package.