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Gilbert and George make front page news

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Gilbert and George make front page news
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Read all about it – groundbreaking artistic duo grab the headlines! That’s the nature of Gilbert and George’s new exhibition ‘London Pictures’ at Hong Kong’s White Cube gallery. The thousands of images are all based on real posters from newstands in East Lodon. They feel this briefest of communication methods can reflect universal themes.

Speaking side by side at the opening of the exhibition George said: “We believe that everyone understands what is inside everybody which is death,” then, speaking alternately,
Gilbert: ‘‘Hope.’‘
George: ‘‘Life.’‘
Gilbert: ‘‘Fear’‘
George: ‘‘Sex’‘
Gilbert: ‘‘Money’‘
George: ‘‘Race’‘
Gilbert: ‘‘Religion”
George: ‘‘We’re only dealing with the universal elements and we love to do that with people wherever they live.’‘

The shock effect of the artwork is in stark contrast to the conservative, staid image of the artists.

Gilbert said: “We feel we’re not trying to shock anything. This is the reality that we found in London. Because we didn’t invent this title. They are there.”

The White Cube gallery chose the couple for their inaugural exhibition because of the iconic status of the artists globally.

White Cube director Graham Steele said: “Because the pictures are difficult, these pictures are unrelenting. These pictures force you to spend time with them and they’re about our daily lives. They’re about the way in which individuals live in metropolitan areas. Gilbert and George are asking with these series, ‘is this the world that we live in? “

The exhibition runs until May 5th 2012 at Hong Kong’s White Cube.