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Fraud allegations beset Russian election

Fraud allegations beset Russian election
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Opponents of Vladimir Putin have vowed to step up their protests against him. They say the voting was heavily skewed to help the 59-year-old return to the Kremlin after four years as prime minister.
Golos, a long-established non-government organisation which monitors elections in Russia told the country’s Interfax news agency electoral violations compare to those seen at the 2008 election.

The same news agency reported United Russia official and MP Andrey Isayev describing the elections as “exemplary” and said they could become “a model to be followed by other countries.”
An Interior Ministry spokesman said there had been no major violations.
One opposition blogger Alexei Navalny is calling for protests on Monday against the conduct of the presidential election. “We have a right to assemble and it’s a citizen’s duty to come out and say that we’re not happy with what’s happened,” he was quoted as saying by the Moscow Times.