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Syria army begins ground assault on restive regions

Syria army begins ground assault on restive regions
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More unverified amateur video is said to show Syrian troops driving through the streets of Daraa, as government attacks move from the air to the ground.

The restive southern region is where the uprising began in March and it has been the site of intense clashes between troop and army defectors over the past week.

There are also reports of a ground assault being carried out by security forces in the besieged city of Homs.

Troops are now using automatic rifles and machine guns, according to Syrian activists.

The army is advancing on opposition strongholds, including the city’s Baba Amr neighbourhood.

The ground attack comes after another heavy night of bombardment, which Homs has been facing for almost four weeks. The opposition claim hundreds of the city’s residents have died over this period.

Destruction is also evident in Sarmin – just 15 kilometres southeast of Idlib Governate, near the border with Turkey. Here government attacks have destroyed vehicles and buildings, killing at least 15 people on Tuesday night.