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Senegal looks set for a presidential run-off

Senegal looks set for a presidential run-off
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With unofficial results from Senegal’s presidential election suggesting a close first round , the two front runners, Abdoulaye Wade and Macky Sall are looking to increase their support.

Despite provisional results putting him in the lead there is widespread opposition to Wade’s standing for a third term.

However, Abdoulaye Wade said his party was in the lead and it would naturally explore all possibilities of any deals with other political forces to find ways to agree and pull together.

The man set to be kingmaker is the leader of the Benno Siggil Senegal coalition, Moustapha Niasse. But he has made it clear he is in no mood to link up with 85-year-old Wade.

“It’s out of the question that Benno Siggil Senegal will become an ally of Abdoulaye Wade for the run-off. I think what I’m saying is unambiguous. I repeat, there will be no alliance,” said Niasse.

If a run-off is confirmed an ‘anyone but Wade’ coalition could emerge behind Macky Sall. Many have accused Wade of flouting constitutional law in trying to extend a two term limit to three.