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Air traffic controllers asked to join Frankfurt strike

Air traffic controllers asked to join Frankfurt strike
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It has been almost two weeks since the row over pay for groundstaff at Frankfurt Airport has caused disruption at Europe’s third busiest hub.

However, with the strike having a limited effect, GdF, the union representing the workers, is now asking air traffic controllers to join the industrial action in an act of solidarity.

If air traffic controllers do agree to stop working for six hours in the morning, around 300 flights would have to be cancelled.

Some, like one woman at the airport, feel the workers’ demands are unrealistic.

“I fear that the entire airport in Frankfurt will be a bit paralysed. I think the demands of the staff on strike are utopian. I think that is not right, what they’re asking for is too much,” she said.

Another man in Frankfurt was more angry: “I would fire them all. I read about what they earn. For an ordinary driver they make a lot of money and they want 70 per cent more – that’s exorbitant,” he said.

So far, airport operators Fraport have been cancelling domestic and shorthaul flights, allowing 80 per cent of journeys to continue unaffected.

After a brief pause for negotiations, this latest walkout which began on Sunday is due to last until Thursday morning.