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Cold snap continues to bite in eastern Europe

Cold snap continues to bite in eastern Europe
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There have been over 650 deaths across eastern Europe since the unusually cold weather began at the end of January.

Romania has seen its heaviest snowfall in 65 years this month, with mounds three metres high leaving towns stranded and without electricity. Some authorities are asking the government to declare a state of emergency.

Malin who lives in Malu, north east of Bucharest, described the situation at his house.

“Snow was all around – from the top of that apple tree over there up to here. We shovelled it away and brought it to the backyard where we made another snow mountain. We thought that’s that, everything’s finished. And then it snowed again,” Malin said.

Driving in these conditions can be treacherous, as some drivers in the Czech Republic found out. Around 100 damaged cars blocked one of the country’s major motorways and another 40 crashed during a heavy snowstorm on Wednesday.

Icebreakers are being used to clear critical spots on Poland’s Vistula and Odra rivers. The country also has the highest amount of deaths in eastern Europe from faulty heaters and carbon monoxide poisoning during the cold snap.