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UN plans joint Arab League envoy for Syria

UN plans joint Arab League envoy for Syria
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The Syrian city of Homs has been bombarded for the 11th day running.

Though it remains hard to verify the videos purporting to show the violence, activists claim a pro-opposition suburb of Homs called Baba Amro was hit with the heaviest shelling in five days – making it hard to even go out onto the streets to look for the dead and wounded.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the Secretary General of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, to discuss the deteriorating situation.

“The Arab League has taken a very firm stand regarding the situation in Syria and has clearly condemned the human rights violations perpetrated by the Assad government. The European Union is strongly supporting the Arab League in its very firm stand and is going to come up with an enhancement of sanctions against Syria,” Merkel said.

The United Nations is putting together a different initiative after previous Security Council resolutions were vetoed.

The new plan is to send a joint UN-Arab League envoy to Syria, and the vote will take place in the General Assembly on Wednesday or Thursday.