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A tear filled plea from a hospital in Homs

A tear filled plea from a hospital in Homs
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In one hospital in a neighbourhood of Homs the intense personal pain of Syria is evident. An amateur video, which has not been verified, shows a doctor making a tear-filled plea for help. His tone is desperate and charged with anger as he shouts to the camera.

“More than 200 rockets have been fired in three hours, the situation is catastrophic. We appeal to the Red Cross, the Red Crescent to intervene. We call on all the humanitarian organisations to intervene, because Allah is the only one who can help us now,” he said.

Activists say makeshift hospitals are overflowing with the dead and wounded. Medical supplies are scarce, while food is running out. Some of the wounded are said to have bled to death where they were injured, as it was too dangerous for rescuers to take them to safety.