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Benevolent bus boss gives bumper bonuses

Benevolent bus boss gives bumper bonuses
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A Melbourne bus boss has stunned his employees by handing over some 12 million euros in bonuses after he sold his company.

Ken Grenda, dubbed Australia’s most generous boss, splashed the cash to reward his staff for their loyalty.

The bonuses averaged out at 7,000 euros per person with some picking up 80,000 euros, depending on length of service.

“Bus drivers, as these guys will testify, aren’t the highest paid people in town, but they are totally dedicated, they’ve worked really hard. We’ve had people here for 40 and even 50 years working for us, that’s all their working life. We just felt they deserved a decent reward at the end of it,” said the benevolent boss.

The size of the cheques came as a shock for Grenda’s workers who were expecting a more nominal sum.

“I thought he meant like a 50 dollar bonus or something, you know I was shocked,” said one happy driver.

As well as the money, the company’s new owners said no jobs will be lost as a result of the buyout.