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Mayor backs London transport as the Olympic way

Mayor backs London transport as the Olympic way
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Public transport remains a constant problem in every European city. Throw in the world’s biggest sporting event, the Olympic Games and the mix could prove chaotic.

Transport officials have launched a new campaign in London, “Get ahead of the Games” to raise awareness of potential overcrowding. One piece of advice aimed at commuters is to go to the pub to delay their journey. The decision makers of the International Olympic Committee too are being urged to go public by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

“Every possible exhortation has been given to Sepp Blatter, other members of the IOC, all the Olympic family and their wives that they should understand the best and most sensible way of getting around London in Games time is to go by public transport and I am certainly going to be doing that myself,” he said.

There are fears underground services could be affected by union action. Workers have rejected an improved Olympic bonus. Londoners have been warned they face queues of up to 30 minutes at some, “hotspots”. Those in the know aim to escape.

“I am going to Spain, get out of the way. I can’t stand it . It’s enough with the traffic now never mind when the Olympics start. Can you imagine what its going to be like? Chaos,” predicted James Budlowther a London taxi driver.

An Olympic Route Network of specially designated traffic lanes for athletes and dignitaries has been criticised by Londoners who will depend on public transport to commute to and from work during the showpiece games.