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Concordia rescue halted as victims' families arrive

Concordia rescue halted as victims' families arrive
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Families of the missing continue to arrive at Giglio Harbour, which overlooks the final resting place of the doomed Costa Concordia cruise ship.

Some relatives who travelled from as far as India and Peru were escorted around the port by officials, where they had a full view of the ship’s carcass as it lay on its side.

So far 11 people have been confirmed dead, but another 24 are still missing, and a week after the ship capsized, the chances of finding them alive are increasingly slim.

Search and rescue operations on board have been temporarily suspended while the coastguard assesses whether the ship is stable and safe enough for rescuers to keep working inside. The greatest concern for authorities now is the extraction of some 2,400 tonnes of fuel which remains inside the ship.

The disgraced captain has now admitted sailing too close to Giglio, but denies full responsibility saying that other factors may have led to the collision with a rock last Friday. It is speculated he drove so close to give the island a “salute” and give passengers a closer view.

Europe’s Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas has announced the body will speed up a review of EU passenger ship safety rules as a direct result of the incident.