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Syria: Arab League mission comes to an end

Syria: Arab League mission comes to an end
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Officially it is the last day of the Arab League observers’ mission to Syria. But this weekend its leader presents his report in Cairo, and it is expected the League will extend the mission for another four weeks.

Some successes were reported on Thursday, with a local truce getting a tank pullout from the town of Zabadani near the Lebanese border.

But overall there are no signs of a halt to the violence.

“The fate of the mission is to be decided by the administrative council. It’s not the mission itself that decides that. Just wait for 72 hours and you will have the answer,” said Jaafar Kadida.

There are doubts an extended mission will be any more effective at saving civilian lives. Armour has again been in action in the city of Homs, and observers in the streets have not stopped the Syrian army from killing hundreds since their arrival.

Sanctions and embargos appear ill-suited to bringing President Assad to talks, as neighbours Iraq and Lebanon say they will continue to trade with Damascus.