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Soderbergh goes Tarantino with "Haywire"

Soderbergh goes Tarantino with "Haywire"
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Director Steven Soderbergh does not like to be labelled, and the oscar-winning maker of “Traffic,” the “Ocean’s” franchise and lately “Contagion” steps into a new genre, martial arts, with “Haywire”.

Gina Carano, a former professional mixed martial arts artist, snatches the lead in a cast that boasts Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender and Channing Tatum.

So, it is a fight movie. With a woman dishing it out. Got that so far?

“Well we really built it around her. That’s where we started. It was important that we surround her with the best cast of men that we could find because she really is the only woman in the movie. What was great was they were as charmed by her as I was,” says Soderbergh.

Carano admits when she got the part, she knew nothing about Hollywood.

“Well to be fair, I didn’t know who he was until after I had been done working with him. So now I am just blown away. I wasn’t really, I didn’t know anything about Hollywood or even what a director really does. So I really got a Hollywood 101 all in the last two years,” she says.

It seems as if Soderberg is once again trying to pull off the trick of making a formulaic high-earning hit that is still satisfying filmmaking, a trick he has performed before, but not always successfully.

So there is double-crossing black ops danger galore for our heroine, and as she is the only woman in the movie there is nothing to stop her beating the crap out of any guy who gets in her way.

Such as heart throb, Channing Tatum. Now he actually sounds like he would be honoured to be beaten up by a girl, the big wuss…

“I think it’s a really rare thing for a guy to be completely physically intimidated by a female that is not just sexual, that is straight up like, she can take you. She can probably take two or three of you at one time. Knock you all out and walk away and probably just chipped a nail,” he says.

So, do not mess with Gina, OK? If you don’t like the movie, just don’t tell anyone, and she won’t come looking for you.