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Obama renews call for Syria's Assad to go

Obama renews call for Syria's Assad to go
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President Obama has condemned Syria’s continuing crackdown on protesters and has renewed his call for President Bashar al-Assad and his government to leave power.

He was speaking after White House talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah.

“We’re continuing to see unacceptable levels of violence inside that country, and so we will continue to consult every closely with Jordan to create the kind of international pressure and environment that encourages the current Syrian regime to step aside,” Obama said.

His call comes as Russia has indicated that it will not make major concessions to agree a Security Council resolution with western countries.

Syria meanwhile has rejected a proposal from Qatar for Arab soldiers from other countries to be deployed on its territory.

However reports say Damascus is ready to let the Arab League extend its mission beyond this week.

On Tuesday the League’s observers visited a suburb of the Syrian capital. They heard complaints from anti-Assad protesters that people are being deprived of basic services such as electricity and gas.

One said there were snipers on the roof of a nearby school, urging the monitors to go and look.

A chief from the rebel Free Syria Army has said the Arab League mission should end, as it had failed to curb the crackdown.