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Indonesia induces sphere fear in train surfers

Indonesia induces sphere fear in train surfers
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In Indonesia a dangerous mode of transport just got a lot more dangerous. People clinging precariously to the roofs of trains is a common sight in parts of Asia. Now, Indonesian authorities are taking drastic action to combat the railway surfers.

Barriers with concrete balls dangling from them are being set up at some stations to make daredevil roof riders think twice.

Officials acknowledge the medieval-looking device could lead to more deaths but say it’s a last resort.

A state rail company spokesman said: “We shouldn’t have to do this because there are laws prohibiting passengers from going on the roof.

Some say there is a safer and more obvious way to tackle the problem – one that would not potentially kill people.

One passenger opined: “The government should prioritise improving facilities. Passengers will follow the rules. They’ve never protested against ticket prices.”

In the meantime, Indonesia’s roof riders really do face the commute from hell.