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Photographers at work

Photographers at work
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A new exhibition has opened in Catalonia, Spain, of work by French photographer and painter Jacques Henri Lartigue. The show incudes 230 photographs, along with his cameras, diaries and canvasses – and traces his life and the dramatic social changes which took place in Europe during the 20th century.

The exhibition runs until 1st April.

Like surrealist Réné Magritte, Andrew Baines is obsessed with blacksuited business-people wearing bowler hats. He said: “I was greeted by a sea of bowler hatted businessmen. Like clones. And I thought it was a set up. Some sort of stage thing, but dad said these are battery hens heading off to work, nine to five everyday, and they will do this til they turn sixty and then they will probably get a gold watch and drop dead.”

His installation in Adelaide Australia involved people standing in the sea wearing suits and bowler hats. The particpants were all volunteers. Baines says he will use the photos of the installation to create paintings for an upcoming exhibition in Singapore.