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Human rights activists protest 10 years of Guantanamo

Human rights activists protest 10 years of Guantanamo
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As the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay reaches the 10-year milestone, human rights organisations in Europe’s major cities took to the streets.

In Brussels, members of Amnesty International called for the camp’s closure and impartial trials for the detainees still held there without charges or convictions.

Director of Amnesty International in Belgium, Francoise Dieryck said: “We ask for a fair trial for every detainee. Some perhaps would be charged and then sentenced to a prison term for instance, others would be released. At this moment in time, the government has only indicted six of them.”

Thirty-six prisoners have been charged with war crimes, including a man accused of masterminding the September 11 attacks.

Protesters in Germany gathered outside the US embassy in Berlin demanding the prisoners be released.

“I hope somebody, and at best President Obama, will find out about our protests so that Guantanamo will be closed. The reason is that there are prisoners who haven’t had a trial, and this is not legal,” said one German demonstrator.

Posters identified individual detainees in an effort to highlight the plight of individual prisoners – 46 of whom are being held indefinitely despite a lack of evidence against them.