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Romney still leads in New Hampshire GOP race

Romney still leads in New Hampshire GOP race
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Mitt Romney is still the favourite to win Tuesday’s New Hampshire Republican presidential primary after voting in the state began in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

However, Jon Huntsman’s campaign received a boost after he and Romney tied the ballot in the small Hampshire village of Dixville Notch which traditionally begins voting at midnight.

One resident of the hamlet, Tom Tillotson, said he voted for Huntsman: “Now we have two. Maybe they’ll be on the same ticket together, who knows. I think everybody was expecting Romney to win here and Huntsman to maybe get a vote. He had my vote going in so somebody else agreed with me.”

Donna Kaye Erwin said she was surprised Romney and Huntsman took the lead in Dixville Notch: “I thought it was going to be very split amongst several people. I think a lot like the caucus and probably how the rest of the state will vote is that it still is probably wide open. I don’t think that there is a clear path yet for the Republican Party.”

Tanner Tillotson did not take part in the midnight ballot because he did not find any of the candidates credible: “As a registered Independent, I did have the option of voting in the Republican primary without declaring myself in the fall election. Ultimately I felt that the Republican candidates’ economic policies just weren’t realistic and weren’t going to continue getting us out of this mess,” he said.

Polls show Romney’s lead is shrinking since he narrowly won the Iowa caucuses last week – the first hurdle in the race to choose a Republican candidate to challenge Barack Obama in November.

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