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Nigerians keep up petrol protests

Nigerians keep up petrol protests
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It is day two of a general strike in Nigeria called by unions to protest against the scrapping of petrol subsidies.

Lagos’ multi-lane motorways are full of demonstrators, not vehicles, as tens of thousands again showed their anger. The end of subsidies meant pump prices doubled, a sharp hike in a country where many earn just over one euro a day.

Less violence was reported than on Monday, but police still had to use tear gas in several places.

“I’m not afraid of anything. We are no longer afraid of you and we are ready for war if that is what you want. We will fight you with our last blood. We will fight you; fight your generation. You can see it’s happening. This will ginger people up to come out and face you too. You will never have peace in your mind. That is what is happening,” said one angry young man.

Public transport fares have shot up too, not that many buses were available, and petrol supplies were also failing to be delivered, so those brave enough to risk the roads in their cars could not be sure they would find any fuel.