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A new beginning in Libya

A new beginning in Libya
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Since the overthrow and death of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, sport, of which certain disciplines were banned in the country, is making a big comeback and just in time for this summer’s Olympic Games.

Men and women are back on the courts, tracks, in the pool and in the ring ready to bask in the warmth of a new sporting dawn that has begun to shine on the troubled nation.

This aspiring Olympian said “I hope that I will become a professional and break records. Become a champion, achieve medals at all levels. I want to become the best. Sport makes you move forwards towards the future, The more you compete the better you are.”

With Gaddafi’s regime gone people want Libya’s interim government – the National Transitional council to focus on sport development particularly for the country’s young hopefuls.

This varsity trainer said: “We hope that the youth who rose out of this revolution will have the right people to move them in the right direction, especially in the area of sports because through sport we will raise the country flag.”

Gaddafi was not a sports fan and appreciated sports stars even less – football players were only ever referred to on television by their number and never by their name.

Well names will be mentioned in Libya from now on and who knows, one of them might even win their country’s first ever Olympic gold this summer.