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Split in Syria's opposition over road map for future

Split in Syria's opposition over road map for future
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Syrian opposition groups continue to try and agree on a common strategy for change in their country.

The Syrian National Council met in Turkey after the collapse of a deal which had ruled out international intervention to topple President Bashar al-Assad.

The pact was between Syria’s other main opposition faction, the National Coordination Body.

The SNC will now draft their own road map for change.

“There is a text which is not fully approved in all its components by the council. It is going to be rediscussed and modified, there will be amendments. With this text we will go to prepare for the conference at the Arab League,” explained

Basma Qadmani, spokeswoman of the Syrian National Council.

From Syria amateur videos, which have not been verified, show Arab League monitors in different parts of the country including one at a Christian mass for Syrians killed in the unrest.

The League has opted to keep the observers in the country despite the governments failure to comply fully with the Arab peace plan.

That has prompted accusations the action has given authorities more time to crush their opponents.

National television showed pictures of two Russian warships berthed at the Syrian port of Tartus which Moscow uses as a naval maintenance and supply facility.

One unnamed Russian officer said their presence was to strengthen ties between his country and Damascus.