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Basbug arrest shows move to democracy: analyst

Basbug arrest shows move to democracy: analyst
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Turkey’s military stepped in to take over the running of the country three times between 1960 and 1980. In 1997 it also exerted its considerable pressure to force another administration to step down.

One former military officer told euronews the Basbug arrest is an historic event for the country.

The head of the Bilgesam Strategic Research Centre in Istanbul, Atilla Sandikli, said: “The changes in our legal system which started with Turkey’s EU accession process in late 90s and early part of the millenium are very important for Turkey’s democratisation process, for the deepening of our democracy. We see today the pain of change from the old mindset in state institutions and bureaucracy to a new vision of democracy. These (arrests) are a reflection of this process. Everyone has to understand that the position of army will never be same in post-military coup eras.”