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Unrepentant Russian opposition figure walks free

Unrepentant Russian opposition figure walks free
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Thinner after going on hunger strike but free, Russia opposition figure Sergei Udaltsov has left prison in Moscow after completing a month-long jail term for staging an unauthorised protest.

He became a rallying point for protesters who filled the streets of the capital in early December. He promises a new demonstration for next month

“I do understand and we should all understand that my current release is the result of huge social pressure and one shouldn’t exclude further provocations. I’m calling on everyone not to get comfortable. We will prepare new actions of peaceful civil protest, and without question we are going out on February 4 and there will be other events,” he said.

Udaltsov was imprisoned eight times last year for illegally demonstrating with his Left Front movement, and has reportedly won the respect of some of the other more mainstream Russian opposition figures.