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Syria: protesters out in force for Arab League monitors

Syria: protesters out in force for Arab League monitors
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Determined to show the Arab League observers what they feel is the true situation in Syria, protesters were out on the streets of many cities where there has been violence.

In one video said to have been filmed in Douma in Damascus, clashes broke out between anti-government protesters and security forces. Activists claim 24 people were injured during the scuffles in that suburb of the capital, after tens of thousands joined the demonstration following Friday prayers.

A Syrian human rights group claims security forces killed five people in Homs.

The leader of the anti-government Free Syrian Army has halted action for talks with Arab League monitors, saying he has so far been unable to contact them.

At another rally in Idlib, there were defiant chants of ‘We don’t fear your tanks Bashar’ despite reports the president’s troops fired shots, wounding twenty-five people. Similar gatherings also took place in Deraa and Homs.