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Libya moves to integrate militias into army

Libya moves to integrate militias into army
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Thousands of Libyans gave up their jobs and their normal lives this year to take up arms against the Gaddafi regime and fight.

All over the country militias sprang up. Ever since, they have held onto their weapons and have looked after security in their respective sectors.

The new government says it is time for them to go back to work, or be integrated and come under the authority of the defence and interior ministry.

“Job contracts have been prepared and salaries specified for those who join from the rebels, as well as their rights, duties and responsibilities,”

said Interior Minister Fawzi Abdul Ali.

“After they join, the high security committee will evaluate their performance,” he added.

The Labour Ministry and Human Resources committee will also be involved in the integration of the former fighters into society, and the reconstruction of the country’s institutions.