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French health insurer to sue PIP's boss

French health insurer to sue PIP's boss
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France’s national health insurance agency says it is to sue the boss of breast implant maker PIP, Jean-Claude Mas.

The French health minister says he must be found, as Mas has not been seen or heard from since the scandal of the faulty implants broke, which could affect 300,000 women around the world. His lawyer says he is still in France.

Accused of using substandard silicon in PIP’s implants to fatten profits, one surgeon says Mas had a more sales than medical approach.

“I met Mr. Mas at a medical convention, like lots of other surgeons, and he told me my implants were rubbish, I should use his. So he was very pushy, he seemed ready to do anything to grab a big market share, and he pursued this very agressively. It ended up with a sort of dumping of his products at a price no-one could compete with,” says Dr. Patrick Baraf.

The Cnam national health insurer alleges Mas engaged in dishonest practices and fraud. PIP went bankrupt in 2010 putting its 120 employees out of work, and many documents went missing from its offices at that time.