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France urges removal of suspect breast implants

France urges removal of suspect breast implants
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The French government is urging the removal of suspect breast implants causing concern in numerous countries.

At least 30,000 French women are being advised that implants made of a suspect silicone gel are taken out.

Officials say while there is no conclusive evidence of a cancer link from the implants made by the now-defunct PIP company, it is recommending removal as a precautionary measure.

“It’s not just France,” said the head of a support group, Alexandra Blachere. “PIP was ranked third in the world and 87 percent was exported. We’re looking at 300 to 400,000 potential victims around the world. A lot of people are contacting me from Italy and Spain, with articles in Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine and the UK. There are PIP victims all over the world.”

National health insurance will cover the cost of implant removals in France, as well as the cost of new implants for those who received them after surgery for medical reasons. In other countries the issue of cost is not so clear.

PIP went bust when its products were recalled in early 2010.