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Europe on the move in the search for work

Europe on the move in the search for work
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Europe is on the move as the search intensifies for work. With unemployment figures soaring tens of thousands are abandoning their homelands.

While many travel within Europe others have left for countries like Australia and the U.S. while one source has pointed to at least 10,000 Portuguese moving to Angola.

Spain currently tops the unemployment league table while analysts warn Greece’s total is set to rise next year.

Germany with the lowest unemployment rate has acted like a magnet. Figures from the country’s statistic office showed migration surged in the wake of the debt crisis.

The number of immigrants arriving from Greece rose by 84 percent, there was a 49 percent increase in Spanish, altogether a total of 67,000 more foreigners moved to Germany than in the same period a year earlier. The country’s jobless figures are the lowest in two decades.

The move beyond Europe has also increased dramatically. Portugal’s foreign ministry said the number of its people now registered in Luanda, the capital of Angola has almost doubled in six years.

In Ireland it is estimated a total of 50,000 will have left the Republic by the end of this year with Australia and the US the top destinations.

Experts believe the trend of heading beyond the shores of Europe could increase as austerity measures bite even deeper.