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Key facts about "El Gordo"

Key facts about "El Gordo"
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  – Spain’s Christmas Draw shares 2.25 billion euros in prizes.
- The chances of winning something are 5.3%

  • 1st prize: €4,000,000
  • 2nd prize: €1,250,000
  • 3rd prize: €500,000
  • 2 x 4th prizes: €200,000 each
  • 3 × 5th prizes: €60,000 each
  • 1,794 prizes of €1,000
    - The first Christmas draw was celebrated in 1812
    - Spaniards spent an average of €56.82 each this year, that’s  €2.68 billion in all, slightly less than last year.
    - The draw provokes a wave of superstitions, from the number chosen (historically the winning El Gordo number has often ended with the figurer 5) to the vendor (some shops like Bruixa d'Or in Catalonia or Doña Manolita in Madrid have become famous for providing winning tickets).

2011 Christmas Draw results:

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