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Son leads tributes as Kim Jong-il lies in state

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Son leads tributes as Kim Jong-il lies in state
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As his father lies in state, Kim Jong-un has stepped into the spotlight, ready to take the reins of nuclear-armed North Korea.

Tributes to the Dear Leader were led by the Great Successor, so-named by state media, joined by senior figures from the regime.

The Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang is the focus of mourning ahead of next week’s funeral for Kim Jong-il, who is said to have died of a heart attack aged 69. But elsewhere in the country, at sites dedicated to the late long-time leader, tears continue to flow, en masse and in abundance.

Some observers have little doubt the grieving is coordinated in the tightly-controlled, isolated country.

But foreign witnesses just back from North Korea, where the propaganda machine turned Kim into a demi-god, say that at least some of the unrestrained crying is for real.

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