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Fury at violence against women protesters in Egypt

Fury at violence against women protesters in Egypt
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Hundreds of women have been demonstrating in Cairo’s Tahrir Square against violence committed against them by Egypt’s security forces.

It is reported that female protesters have been routinely rounded up and subjected to horrific abuse, and one protester said it is time that it stopped:

“We are telling the military we’ve had enough,” she said. “They’ve proven they failed during this last period. Not only were they unable to protect the country, they were unable even to protect women in the streets.”

Tuesday marked the fifth successive day of protest in Tahrir Square against Egypt’s military rulers.

US secretary of state Hilary Clinton has given some of the strongest criticism of the Egyptian regime by a US official. She described a video showing two Egyptian soldiers dragging a woman protester by her shirt and exposing her underwear before beating her, as particularly shocking:

“This systematic degradation of Egyptian women dishonours the revolution, disgraces the state and its uniform and is not worthy of a great people,” she said.

Egypt’s military council has responded saying it strongly regrets what it called “transgressions” against female protesters.