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China invites Kim Jong-un to Beijing

China invites Kim Jong-un to Beijing
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China has been quick to send an invitation for the new North Korean leader to visit Beijing.

The Chinese President expressed his condolences over the death of Kim Jong-il at a ceremony at the North Korean embassy in Beijing.

Chinese authorities had already said it recognised Kim Jong-un as the new head of state in Pyongyang.

A foreign ministry spokesman said: “China and North Korea have always kept up high-level visits, and we welcome the North Korean leader to visit at a convenient time to both sides.”

In the city of Dandong, on China’s border with North Korea, tourists took a boat trip that provides a glimpse of their mysterious neighbour.

Some said they hoped the state would become more open under a new leadership.

One man said: “North Korea is too conservative. My feeling is they are always sealing themselves off from the outside world.”

Outside observers seem to have few clues about whether Kim Jong-un will have the inkling to change North Korea’s policy of isolation.

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