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Merkel says crisis could make Europe stronger

Merkel says crisis could make Europe stronger
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Onwards and upwards — that was the tone of Angela Merkel’s speech to Germany’s Bundestag, as she reported back on last week’s EU summit to save the euro.

She said Europe can emerge stronger from its debt crisis if governments show patience and follow through on their plan to integrate their economies.

“If we consistently move towards a fiscal and stability union, if we indeed accomplish economic and monetary union and in this way correct the original mistakes made when the euro was created, then Europe will not only survive this crisis, it will come out of this crisis stronger than it entered it,” the German Chancellor told members of parliament.

Merkel said she regretted the UK’s decision to go it alone rather than sign up to tighter fiscal rules and closer EU scrutiny of national budgets. But she added: “It is beyond doubt for me that Great Britain will in future continue to be an important partner in the European Union.”