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Electoral Commission head in Russia sure of ballot

Electoral Commission head in Russia sure of ballot
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Exactly a week after an election in Russia that many are claiming was fraudulent, euronews has spoken to Chairman of the Central Election Commission Vladimir Churov.

In his first interview since the ballot, and in the aftermath of nationwide protests in Russia on Saturday, Churov is confident last Sunday’s poll was legitimate.

Denis Loktev, euronews:

“Mr Chairman, yesterday there were multiple demonstrations in Moscow and other cities. The protesters blame you for violations during the parliamentary elections and are demanding you step down. Will you resign?”

Vladimir Churov:

“There isn’t the slightest reason for that. As far as I know, there was only one protest in Moscow in which thousands of people took part. We have absolute freedom and democracy and my main point is that the police in Moscow work much better than the police in New York. Regarding the organisation of the election, it was well organised and the number of infractions that we are aware of account for less than one per cent of all the electoral sites in Russia.”


“What about the videos on the internet claiming to show electoral fraud?”


“Since Thursday, on the orders of the president, we’ve been studying all the videos. We’re looking at more than seventy in total and sixteen of them have already been investigated. We’ll publish the results on Monday. After looking at all the data closely, the results of our investigation will be made public in Russia and abroad. We’re the most open electoral body in the world.”