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Unrecognised state of Transdniestria prepares for election

Unrecognised state of Transdniestria prepares for election
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The Moldovan breakaway state of Transdniestria which has no international recognition is preparing for an election on Sunday.

Igor Smirnov who has led the region for the last two decades, is in the running.

But opposition leader Anatoli Kaminski, who is backed by Moscow, is very popular with voters.

The Russian speaking region, on Moldova’s eastern border with Ukraine, declared its independence in 1990, and has been self governed ever since.

Sergey Panov, a Transdniestrian painter explained the situation in the area.

“This is not a Romanian land, at least after the river Nistro this is Slavic land, Slavic people rule themselves. And on the other side of the river there is Moldova, with its own story”, he said.

If there is no clear winner after the vote, there may be a re-election in March next year.