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Russia : protesters spell out their demands

Russia : protesters spell out their demands
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Leaders of the opposition, wanting to avoid any trouble with the authorities led demonstrators from Revolution Square where Saturday’s rally was barred to Bolotnaya Square where thousands had gathered surrounded by a heavy police presence.

There have been no reports of clashes or of protesters being detained. Among them was Boris Nemtsov an opposition leader who spoke to Euronews.

“We want the abolition of the official election results, the resignation of Churov-head of the Central Elections Commission. He has taken 13 million votes from us. We want the registration of opposition parties, new legislative elections and immediate release of all political prisoners,” he said.

The right to protest has been backed by Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev but only within the bounds of permission granted by local authorities at specific places.

Our correspondent, Denis Loktiev at the rally says: “Holding new parliamentary elections and annulling the results from Sunday is the demand of thousands of Moscovites and people in many other cities. They believe the ruling United Russia party has held on to its majority by electoral fraud.”