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Nobel winner lambasts world over revolution in Yemen

Nobel winner lambasts world over revolution in Yemen
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A woman awarded the Nobel Peace on Saturday has criticised the the lack of international support for the uprising in Yemen.

Activist Tawakul Karman is from the Arab country where unrest began at the same time as the revolution in Egypt this year.

Karman is one of three women sharing the prestigious honour, along with president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee, both from Liberia.

Addressing people at the ceremony, Karman said: “The peaceful revolution in Yemen is part of the Arab Spring. But, unfortunately, with regret and sadness, I have to recognise that the international community did not offer the people of Yemen the same support, understanding and attention offered to other revolutions in the region.”

The three women accepted the award in Norway’s capital Oslo on Saturday with Norwegian Nobel panel chairman Thorbjoern Jagland saying women are ‘critical’ to peace.

The winners will share the prize money of more than one million euros.