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EU summit: The world reacts after Cameron says 'no'

EU summit: The world reacts after Cameron says 'no'
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Markets, have slowly grown more positive after most European countries agreed to a Franco-German plan on fiscal unity.

That is despite David Cameron’s decision to veto the move after he failed to secure a set of exceptions for Britain, making it the only one of the 27 EU nations to say no.

The European press were mostly unified in saying he has made a mistake, and isolated his country, perhaps paving the way for Britain to leave the EU altogether.

In the German daily, Der Spiegel, the headline read ‘The man who said no to Europe’ adding:

“British Prime minister David Cameron has completely isolated his country on the European stage – and many in his country applaud him for it”.

The French Paper, Le Monde, led with the headline: ‘Great Britain isolated like never before.’

However, the accompanying article was not completely down on the UK saying: “Let’s be fair: the British are nothing to do with the crisis of the euro.”

Back in London, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Cameron’s coalition partner from the pro-European Liberal Democrats, said he was not in favour of this isolation saying:

“Any eurosceptic rubbing hands with glee over the outcome of this summit should be careful what they wish for. There is a potential risk of a 2-speed Europe where the UK is marginalised. It would be bad for growth and jobs in this country.”

Some are seeing Cameron as the strong man of Europe, taking on his European colleagues as another Conservative PM – Margaret Thatcher did.

Others believe that his decision might have been misjudged, and he could have gone a veto too far.