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DRC election: two men claiming to be president

DRC election: two men claiming to be president
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Disputed presidential election results in the Democratic Republic of Congo have lead to clashes in Brussels. Shop windows were smashed and cars set on fire.
About 30 people were arrested after protests in an area of the city known as ‘Matongé’ which has a high number of Congolese residents. 
On the streets of the DRC’s capital Kinshasa, supporters of the president’s challenger, Etienne Tshisekedi, were angry Joseph Kabila had been declared the winner and called him a Rwandan - a loaded accusation in the DRC
The head of the electoral commission on Friday declared Kabila the winner of the ballot, with nearly 49 per cent to Tshisekedi’s 32 per cent, but Tshisekedi is refusing to accept the result.
In fact he has gone as far as publicly saying he considers himself president, not Kabila, much to the outrage of Kabila’s supporters who protested outside the Electoral Commission’s headquarters and also held victory parades.
The UN, US and French government are urging both sides to find a peaceful resolution. However, other presidential candidates have also made accusations of electoral fraud.