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Egyptians still waiting on first election results

Egyptians still waiting on first election results
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Delayed counting in some constituencies means there are still no official results in Egypt’s first round of elections.

The outcome is expected to be known on Friday, with Islamist parties, including the Muslim Brotherhood, predicted to do well.

However, some are unhappy with their resurgence, criticising what they see as a lack of support from the Muslim Brotherhood for the revolution and recent protests.

One such man is Mahmoud Rashid, who joined a sit-in at parliament. He said he was not satisfied with the country’s first free election in 60 years or how well the Muslim Brotherhood is expected to do. He accuses the group of making a deal with the governing Military Council, failing to back the revolution, not being in Cairo’s Tahrir Square and being absent when security forces killed 42 protesters two weeks ago.

Monday’s ballot was the first of three polls that will be held over the coming months.

More than 40 political parties are hoping to be part of the two house assembly composed by proportional representation and first-past-the-post.