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Clinton visit could signal closer US-Myanmar ties

Clinton visit could signal closer US-Myanmar ties
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Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has welcomed US engagement with Myanmar as its new civilian government pledged to move forward with political reforms.

The pro-democracy campaigner met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the most senior American official to visit Myanmar in 50 years, and the two discussed the road ahead.

Standing alongside Clinton, Suu Kyi told the press outside her home: “Before we decide what steps to take, we have to find out what our greatest needs are, and of course, two of the greatest needs in this country are rule of law and a cessation of civil war. All hostilities mush cease within this country as soon as possible.”

Earlier in her visit, Clinton talked about possibly ending US sanctions, providing real progress is made on reforms.

“Democracy is the goal. That has been the goal from the very beginning. Yet we know that it has been a long and very difficult path that has been followed. We do see openings today,” she said.

In a meeting with the country’s president on Thursday, the US Secretary of State agreed to America’s support on changes to the relationship between Myanmar and the World Bank and International Monetary Fund and expanding United Nations aid programmes.

A full US ambassador could also be reinstated in Myanmar.