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Franco's tomb could become a war memorial

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Franco's tomb could become a war memorial
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A commission in Spain has proposed that the remains of the country’s former dictator, General Franco should be removed from a monument were soldiers are buried.

They want the Valle de los Caidos to be reserved purely for victims from both sides of Spain’s civil war. Franco’s body should be given to his family to decide the best place for a private burial.

The move by the Socialist-led commission is an attempt to make Spaniards confront their past, but the change of government could jeopardise the plan.

Commission leader Ramon Jauregui said: “Please do not let the project be hidden away in a draw. You must know that we need to deal with our history. This is not an act of political sectarianism.”

Franco supporters regularly pay homage at the monument but the commission wants it to become a visitors educational centre.

Losing Republicans were forced to build the structure during which many died.