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Egypt's new PM says he has 'real powers'

Egypt's new PM says he has 'real powers'
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Egypt’s new Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri addressed the press on Friday following his recent appointment by the ruling military council.

Following the resignation of the cabinet last week, he has been asked to form a so called “national salvation government.”

Ganzouri told journalists in Cairo that this represented a real transfer of power.

“I’d like to confirm that the decision taken by the military council to appoint a new government, will give this government more powers than the previous ones,” he said.

The military have been asked, both by protesters and internationally, to transfer power to civilians as soon as possible.

This is Ganzouri’s second time as Egyptian Prime Minister, as he held the position under President Mubarak between 1996 and 1999.

As a result of this, there are those who criticise his appointment saying that it is just a return of the old guard.

But for others he is a popular choice as he is known as a champion of the poor, and had distanced himself from the Mubarak regime, publicly welcoming a new era for Egypt when the former president stepped down.

The first phase of Egypt’s three-stage parliamentary election will be held over two days, beginning on Monday.